Terminal Mode to be installed on 150 million Nokia phones worldwide

Excerpts from SBD Blog:

Vehicle manufacturers are still faced with a dizzying array of choices for integrating smartphones and the app experience into the car.

But Nokia was able to provide the automotive industry with some peace-of-mind by announcing that Terminal Mode (an integration solution developed through a collaboration with CE4A) will be installed on up to 150 million handsets worldwide from next year.

Such a quick ramp-up of Terminal Mode on smartphones is undoubtedly good news for those vehicle manufacturers that have already committed to deploying compatible solutions over the coming years.

But the question on everyone’s mind was: will other handset suppliers also adopt the standard too? The key company to watch out for here is Google, which has a rapidly growing share of the smartphone OS market.

Google could be crucial in deciding whether Terminal Mode becomes the de-facto standard for smartphone integration within the industry (excluding usual suspects such as Apple), or just a Nokia-specific approach.

Google is still investigating Terminal Mode to see if it matches their vision of smartphone integration in the car, but did not rule out developing and promoting its own standard.

Google also gave an interesting presentation on many of the new features it is integrating into its search engine, and that could play a big role in the car. The common theme across all of these ideas was the dominance of the “Cloud”.

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