SAE Conv ’10: QNX demos Terminal Mode (using Blackberry) and more


QNX is demonstrating its latest mobile connectivity technologies in a new concept car at SAE Convergence 2010.

The car, a specially modified Chevrolet Corvette, will showcase QNX Software Systems’ vision for the fully connected automobile — a vision that encompasses connectivity to the cloud, to roadside systems, and to a host of mobile-device applications.

The car will feature two systems built on the QNX CAR Application Platform, a pre-integrated, standards-based solution designed to reduce the cost and effort of developing in-car infotainment products:

Multimedia head unit

Demonstrates how in-car infotainment systems can access the latest applications on mobile devices, such as maps for finding restaurants and other POIs, geosocial applications for locating nearby friends, and services for finding the closest available parking spot.  Other demo features include Pandora streaming audio, Webkit browsing, and a reskinnable HMI based on Adobe Flash technology.

Dynamically reconfigurable digital instrument cluster

Features both a driving mode (tachometer and speedometer) and an information mode (weather, navigation information, album art, etc.)

To help automakers and tier one suppliers leverage mobile applications, QNX Software Systems embraces a platform-agnostic approach, offering technologies that deliver connectivity to a variety of devices.

Terminal Mode

Replicates the smartphone screen on the vehicle’s infotainment system, allowing steering wheel buttons, touchscreens, and other in-car user inputs to control the phone; enables infotainment systems to access new mobile phone applications as they become available.


Apple iPod Out

Enables the infotainment system to display content from an iPhone or iPod touch, including music and album art. Allows users to view an interface they are familiar with and supports new iPod features without software changes on the head unit.

Source: QNX.

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