Singapore: NXP develops 3.5G telematics module for traffic management

NXP has announced that it is developing a cutting-edge automotive-qualified 3.5G telematics solution to improve traffic management, which can help address the challenge of traffic congestion in Singapore.

Expected to be deployed in 2012, NXP will develop innovative technologies based on NXP’s next-generation Automotive Telematics On-board Platform (ATOP).

Singapore will be a test bed for ATOP, leveraging the city’s world-class infrastructure to deliver real-time information via mobile broadband and help reduce traffic congestion.

A 3.5G prototype, the ATOP module, and the related On-board Unit (OBU) will demonstrate the possibility of multi-virtual mobile SIM encapsulation suited for the purpose of congestion charging.

The ATOP module will be securely combined with a number of other additional third-party services, including location-based services and electronic payments.

End users will also see first-hand benefits of this new technology. As drivers are charged based on actual distances traveled, many will reduce the amount of tax they are required to pay. Both drivers and passengers will experience improved mobility as they are provided with optimal driving routes based on real-time traffic situations.

Security is also a key feature, with banking-grade smart card technology allowing for the safe co-existence of payment and other services, as well as cross-border interoperability.

Furthermore, ATOP can incorporate additional features such as virtual vehicle owner registration cards, paperless and tamper-proof road tax, and environmentally friendly paperless parking coupons with remote top-up capabilities.

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