Nokia reiterates focus on Qt; Adds built-in support for HTML5

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Nokia has announced that the decision to focus on Qt as the sole application development framework will ensure that apps will continue to be compatible with future evolutions of Symbian as well as upcoming MeeGo products.

In addition, Nokia announces its intent to support HTML5 for development of Web content and applications for both Symbian and MeeGo platforms.

To demonstrate its commitment to the new offering, Nokia will develop its own future applications using Qt for a more consistent experience and better integration of applications and services.

Nokia is focusing on Qt as a robust, tried and tested framework that unlocks the hardware, software and service capabilities of the existing Nokia smartphone range as well as creating huge opportunities for future Symbian and MeeGo products.

Nokia’s introduction of Qt Quick into the Qt framework enables the more rapid creation of rich user interfaces and the most visually engaging applications.

In addition, Qt’s in-built support for HTML5 complements Nokia’s intent to support HTML5 in Web browsers.

One benefit of this simplified approach is that planned and future improvements in Symbian will be developed in Qt and will be compatible with the existing Symbian^3 platform release.

This means that Nokia’s continued commitment to develop the Symbian platform will benefit not only future users of Symbian-based products, but will result in updates and upgrades for existing Symbian^3 users.

The resulting change to a model of continuous evolution replaces the previous release-based model.

Nokia will no longer refer to Symbian^3 or Symbian^4.  The benefit to consumers will be a constant improvement in the experience of their Symbian-based Nokia products.

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Source: Nokia.

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