US: Siemens announces EV charging stations with telematics support

At GridWeek 2010, Siemens Energy has launched a new product line of EV charging stations, which includes solutions for residential, public and commercial applications, including integration into the Smart Grid.

Siemens’ UL listed electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) line includes wall-mountable, community multi-level and community multi-level II models.

Siemens’ EV charging stations will offer Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint Network.

The ChargePoint Network is an advanced software system that is open to all drivers of plug-in vehicles.

Advanced features of the network include: 24/7 driver assistance, the ability to locate a charging station from any smart phone, the ability to detect charging station availability from a smart phone or Google Maps, EV trip mapping and driver billing.

Further, the ChargePoint Network provides Siemens charging station owners remote management, flexible billing, fleet management, maintenance and other on-demand software applications.

Each unit is equipped with an ANSI C12 communications compliant meter. By incorporating connectivity options, metering capabilities and an open architecture, Siemens’ EV charging stations can be integrated into the rapidly evolving Smart Grid.

In addition to the charging stations, Siemens provides integration of EVs into the utility grid with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), load shifting through demand response (DR) programs, and the addition of generation capacity to handle widespread EV adoption—giving consumers options while avoiding service disruptions.

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