TomTom, Nokia and SBD discuss the future of automotive navigation

Experts from TomTom, SBD and Nokia will be delivering an exclusive webinar on the future of the navigation market on the 28th of October.

SBD will also be giving an advance preview of the results from its exclusive end user survey of smartphone owners – the types of apps they use, how they want to use their smartphone in the car and their interest in integration solutions such as Terminal Mode.

Navigation 3.0: Where next?

Date: Thursday 28 October 2010
Time: 10.00 Detroit / 15.00 London / 16.00 Stuttgart / 19.30 Delhi / 23.00 Toyko

SBD – Andrew Hart, Senior ITS and Telematics Specialist
Nokia – Floris Van De Klashorst, Automotive Director
TomTom – Stephane Lagresle, Marketing Manager for TomTom Automotive

Dr Peter Wells, Co-Director, Centre for Automotive Industry Research, Cardiff Business School

Commoditisation and connectivity is forcing the navigation market to evolve at a much faster pace than ever before experienced. The automotive industry is increasingly insecure about how to react to these changes, concerned about maintaining control over in-car systems and uncertain about which technologies and partnerships to adopt for the future.

However, with the right information and the right partners vehicle manufacturers and suppliers stand to gain significantly by satisfying consumer demand for connected navigation solutions. If you want to know where navigation is going in the future then this webinar is a must-see opportunity.

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