BMW announces NGTP 2.0: Next Generation Telematics Pattern

Note: Organisational building block „TSP“ has been removed from architecture and replaced by infrastructure blocks „Service Handler“ and „Service Integrator“, because NGTP should provide a task-based (role-based) view and not an organisational view on the telematics architecture. To learn more about the changes, click here.

With the second generation of the telematics architecture NGTP, BMW is introducing a technology-neutral interface architecture which enables faster and more flexible implementation of new services in cars.

The open source architecture developed by BMW in collaboration with the telematics service providers Connexis and WirelessCar features a new protocol, facilitating inter-company cooperation between vehicle manufacturers and the providers of telematics services.

NGTP (Next Generation Telematics Patterns) serves as the common standard. New services developed on this basis can be utilised for BMW automobiles without additional effort, so BMW ConnectedDrive customers will gain early access to current innovations in the areas of comfort, safety and infotainment.

Vehicle manufacturers, telematics service providers and customers benefit equally from the uniform architecture. BMW will be able to increase its range of telematics-based BMW ConnectedDrive services even more quickly and flexibly.

The company will be able to tap into the solutions of various providers and apply these in its own models.

Conversely, all telematics service providers have the opportunity to develop services which are suitable for use as part of BMW ConnectedDrive.

This reciprocal flexibility derives from the fact that the telematics supply chain is systematically broken down into its individual components.

NGTP contains a so-called dispatcher which ensures there is a uniform interface between vehicle and telematics service provider.

This means that in future BMW ConnectedDrive customers will have an even wider selection of mobility services to choose from. BMW ConnectedDrive telematics-based services are currently available in ten countries and are used by some 600,000 vehicles.

NGTP technology will now enable these customers to make use of additional ConnectedDrive services. Subsequent implementation of innovative services can be undertaken without having to make technical changes to the vehicle

To learn more about the changes, click here.

Source: BMW, NGTP.

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