US: TeleNav releases APIs for app-to-app and PC-to-phone connections

TeleNav has recently lauched TeleNav Connect and TeleNav Share, a pair of APIs available through the TeleNav Developer Platform.

The APIs enable developers to connect TeleNav’s location-based services, such as turn-by-turn directions and location sharing, to their mobile and web applications.

TeleNav serves more than 17 million subscribers across all major mobile operating systems and hundreds of devices supported by operator partners AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular, as well as limited number of supported devices on the Verizon Network.

TeleNav Connect is an app-to-app API that enables mobile application developers to provide users with a seamless process for launching one of TeleNav’s location-based services from within their application.

TeleNav Connect guides users to specific locations. If the user chooses this option and is a TeleNav subscriber, TeleNav’s turn-by-turn navigation application will launch and guide the user to the restaurant’s location.

In addition to voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation, developers can use TeleNav Connect to launch maps, driving directions, real-time traffic, and drive-time local search results from within their applications.

TeleNav Share is an API designed to help users send an address from a website or a mobile application directly to their phone.

With TeleNav Share, developers can mobilise addresses on their websites by using the TeleNav Share API to place a ‘Send to Phone’ option next to address listings.

When a user clicks on this option, they are able to enter phone numbers and instantly send the address to their phone or share it with friends.

If the user is one of the millions of TeleNav subscribers, the address will be available in the ‘Favorites’ menu when they launch the application.

For other users, the address will be sent to their phone via text message.

Note: TeleNav’s developer portal,, will provide developers with comprehensive information and documentation for implementing the company’s APIs.

Source: TeleNav.

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