US: Suzuki to fit Garmin PNDs with online services

Garmin has announced that its automotive OEM division will provide a connected and integrated navigation package for the 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara and SX4 models, including the SX4 Crossover, SX4 Sport and SX4 SportBack.

The unit sits in a fully-integrated mount, which provides power to the unit as well as turn-by-turn voice prompting through the vehicle’s sound system.

Drivers can easily detach the unit for safekeeping or pedestrian excursions.  The unit is also customized with a Suzuki splash screen and a preloaded database of Suzuki dealerships.

Based on Garmin’s popular nüvi 1690, the new navigator provides wireless online information like Google local search, traffic, weather, fuel prices, movie listings, flight status, local events, and white page telephone listings.

The first year of wireless data services are free, and after that, the subscription renewal price for data services is $60.00 per year.

Source: Garmin.

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