US: TeleNav launches MyTies – social networking smartphone app

TeleNav has announced the immediate availability of MyTies, a mobile-only, private social networking application for the iPhone.

MyTies allows iPhone users to leverage their personal address book and contacts to create multiple private networks by inviting contacts to join and form groups.

Users can form separate groups based on whom they want to share information with.

This multiple-group structure allows users to easily choose which group or groups can view their messages, photos, videos and location information.

MyTies recognizes the privacy of direct mobile communication and gives users the power to turn their contacts into an interactive network.

New users will be allocated a number of initial free invitations to create private groups and in the future, additional invitations can be obtained through in-app purchasing.

In addition, MyTies reverses the current practice of selling and sharing users’ personal information with advertisers, and does not connect to third party networks.

MyTies reduces unsolicited content through enhanced privacy settings that enable users to specify individual and group preferences.

MyTies also provides static turn-by-turn directions to any group member’s location-tagged posting.

Note:  MyTies is available immediately on the Apple App Store for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.0. To download MyTies to the iPhone, visit the Apple App Store at

Learn more here.

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