Audi iPhone app links to vehicle’s OBD port

Audi owners with an Apple iPhone will soon to be able to download an application that will monitor, analyze and store key performance characteristics for their vehicle, whether it be for pure performance, eco-friendly driving or simply providing a log of any particular trip.

The technology, developed by Audi’s Electronics Research Laboratory, is being shown at the SEMA Show.

The Audi-designed iPhone CarMonitor App uses the vehicle OBD-II port to access real- time performance data, which the App then analyzes, also in real time.

Characteristics include engine RPM (especially useful with older Audi vehicles that do not have an RPM gauge) along with emissions information, including the amount of CO2 a driver is saving by adjusting driving performance. Real time information can also be combined with GPS to log trip data. Tha app can even be used to find the vehicle in a parking lot or unknown city.

Drivers using the iPhone CarMonitor App have the option of uploading the data collected to, use the CO2 data for other analyses, and even share driving performance with the VW Labs Community.

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Source: Audi.

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