Telenor Connexion and Billoo to collect traffic information in Europe

Billoo Development, the road mobility management developer and Telenor Connexion have presented the results of successful field tests with the Billoo solution.

As a result the two companies will now begin to collect and monitor the largest real-time traffic data ever undertaken in Europe.

Large field trials simultaneous across several countries were conducted successfully. They confirm the accuracy of the simulators used during laboratory testing, and all results obtained to date regarding the quantity and speed of data processed including for vehicles moving in urban areas.

This opens the door to the last step in the Billoo solution testing. Thanks to Telenor Connexion’s global M2M connectivity, Billoo and Telenor Connexion have been able to join forces to begin the collection and monitoring in real-time of the largest traffic data ever undertaken in Europe, says Philip van der Heijden, CEO of Billoo Development BV.

Billoo has designed its own technology to process all data generated by millions of travelling vehicles, independently of their number and traffic variations. The solution is based on GPS/GPRS technologies and has been developed from inception. Successful results have been achieved by exchanging data between vehicles and the Billoo computing centre in a bi-directional manner and by analyzing this data in real time.

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