Orange joins ERTICO; plans to focus on M2M connectivity in the ITS arena

In an inteview with ERTICO, Orange’s Business Development Manager, Dr. Stephane Petti talks about Orange’s interests in the ITS field. The following are excerpts from the ERTICO interview:

ERTICO: Can you describe your activities in the ITS field?

As a Telecom operator, connectivity is our core business. Ubiquitous connectivity enables people to move freely while remaining connected so clearly, mobility is at the heart of our value proposal.

Our main activity within ITS consists in leveraging telecommunication infrastructure to no longer connect people to each other only, but also to enable interactions with machines. Machines are everywhere.

Be it a street camera, a road light, be it a bus or a car. Machines can sense the world and act in it.

Developing reliable and global machine to machine or people to machine connectivity solutions and exploring on how to take benefit of massive content that will come out of it, is today one of our greatest challenges and focus.

In addition, the considerable evolution of the network technology and also mobile devices over the last decade has allowed us to build on top of the connectivity, new data services like pedestrian navigation, traffic information or public transportation information for smarter mobility.

These services have become reality thanks to the development of underlying technology on both mobile devices (eg. A-GPS, mobile probe based real-time traffic information) and backend (eg. Data aggregation & hosting, cloud computing & services).

Finally, as we believe the phone will play a central role in multimodal mobility, we are very active in technologies such as Terminal Mode, for in vehicle user interface sharing for service continuity, and NFC for dematerialised secured keys and public transportation ticketing.

ERTICO: Why have you joined ERTICO?

As most of ERTICO partners we understand the complexity of ITS not only in terms of technology but also in terms of value chain and business models.

ITS brings people together that were not necessarily used to work together before and we see the need to share visions, challenges and concerns, with patience, pragmatism and humility even.

We joined ERTICO to foster such discussions, create new collaborations and partnerships that will bridge gaps between industries and help to focus on the value and deployment of ITS.

ERTICO: What are your expectations for this partnership?

As we explained, ITS deployment faces the challenge to bring people together that do not work in the same field, do not speak the same technical language, have different background, motivations or constraints.

We expect ERTICO to facilitate the communication between sectors and industries with a pragmatic and operational methodology, by setting up focused platforms and workshops and by sharing relevant information to its members, may this information come from the industry but also from the regulatory and standardisation bodies.

ERTICO: Are there any projects, activities or sectors that you are particularly interested in?

Currently, the Orange and FT groups are involved in several R&Ds projects. Besides this strategic and important R&D activity, we are interested in the Telecom sector platform that we intend to actively support and the Cooperative mobility alliance platform.

Courtesy: ERTICO.

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