UK: TomTom WORK and The Fuelcard People form partnership

TomTom Business Solutions (WORK) has joined forces with The Fuelcard People (TFP) to offer customers of both firms a way of boosting efficiency and saving fuel.

Smart Fuel Saving is a two part solution that works together to solve one common problem – fleet efficiency. This is achieved by combining the best in Fuel Cards with the best in Fleet Management.

Steve Clarke, Managing Director of TFP, says that his firm had been looking for a partner in the telematics arena for some time and it was through a mutual customer that the firm discovered that TomTom was looking for a fuel card business to work with.

“Once we got talking, we realised the potential synergies between us very quickly,” he says.

Irvin Gray, marketing manager at TomTom, adds: “Saving fuel is a massive issue in the industry and a significant amount can be saved just by better routeing.”

One feature offered by the new partnership is a facility in the TomTom system that routes a vehicle to the nearest filling station that accepts whichever fuel card the operator uses.

TomTom also offers a suite of applications that allows a van operator to identify less fuel efficient driving from staff, plus live traffic information and other tracking features.

Courtesy: TomTom, Road

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