European Broadcasting Union to target car makers and regulators to promote digital radio

Recently, at the EBU’s Digital Radio Conference in Belfast, more than 150 delegates from 60 organisations overwhelmingly endorsed an EBU New Radio Group (NRG) plan of action designed to accelerate moves towards a secure digital future for radio.

The EBU’s New Radio Group’s strategic objectives over the next 12 months are designed to push the digitalisation of radio in Europe.

The objectives which were set out at the conference are:

• To persuade the European Union to champion switch-over policies at European level and to ensure that sufficient spectrum is allocated to safeguard radio’s future.

• To advance partnerships between public and private broadcasters to develop original digital content and support public campaigns to make the case for digital radio.

• To foster effective partnerships between broadcasters and the automotive sector.

The plan, which includes marketing and lobbying efforts aimed at European Union regulators and car manufacturers, will for the first time, involve bodies representing the three major digital radio standards in Europe.

At the conference, WorldDMB, the DRM Consortium and the Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA) threw their combined weight behind the EBU NRG. The move was described as “like a shot of adrenaline for digital radio.”

Source: WorldDMB.

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