TomTom doubles HD traffic coverage – now available in 16 countries

TomTom has doubled the number of countries in which its HD Traffic service is available.

Within the last month, TomTom has launched HD Traffic in eight more countries across the world: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

It is now available in a total of 16 countries.

Today drivers using HD Traffic can reduce their journey times by on average 15%.

The ‘collective effect’ of HD Traffic means that when 10% of the driving population uses the service, traffic flow will improve across the entire road network and journey times will be reduced by 5% for all drivers.

HD Traffic is now available to more than 200 million cars worldwide – 76 million of which are in the eight new countries. This means that millions more drivers are set to benefit from reduced congestion.

Increased availability isn’t the only recent improvement to HD Traffic; in October, HD Traffic 4.0 launched across Europe.

Traffic information is updated every minute on the server side and every two minutes on TomTom navigation devices.

Source: TomTom.

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