EU: Airbiquity solution to be used for an EV telematics service

Airbiquity has announced that its Green Vehicle solution will be generally available in Europe in January 2011.

The company is the first to implement vehicle-to-network solutions exclusively aimed at the Electric Vehicle market on a global basis.

Airbiquity has earned a reputation in the automobile industry for its flexible and innovative applications and solutions aimed at enhancing the driver experience.

It announced in April of this year a strategic partnership with Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. to provide telematics services for electric vehicles (EVs) globally.

Airbiquity’s EV services include a wide array of solutions including:

• Eco-routing

• Emission Reporting

• Charging Stations Locations and Reservation Information

• Energy Consumption

• Battery Performance

From a deployment standpoint, Airbiquity’s Green Vehicle solutions integrate seamlessly with the automaker’s back office, offering a scalable and flexible platform – an important criteria in a relatively young market with rapidly evolving requirements.

Source: Airbiquity.

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