EU: EnVoiture launches FaceBook car sharing app

The new Facebook application “” (or in English) enables Facebook users to easily share lifts and travel cheaply through Facebook.

Users can see their friends´ lifts and can instantly decide to join them and agree on a meeting point and costs.

Normal search results in the application include all rides available on the site, with the additional feature of being able to view the Facebook profile of drivers and passengers whose account is connected to Facebook.

Users can see if they are friends of friends, neighbours, regular travelers or new acquaintances.

The application is completely free and can be accessed from the Facebook page of Carpooling or at the address or within the Facebook Application directory under the name “”.

On the welcome page of the application, users are invited to follow their friends’ rides or to search for a ride from the database.

Publishing offers and requests requires a free registration, if users don’t have an account already.

The carpooling application is being launched simultaneously in 8 European countries and gives Facebook users access to Europe’s largest carpooling database with more than 350,000 trips.

Source: Envoiture.

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