NFC coming to smartphones; Google, Apple and Nokia making plans

Excerpts from Electronista:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 Summit showed a working example of the Nexus S.

He refused to name Samsung as the manufacturer but mentioned it would run Android 2.3, or Gingerbread; it was also seen running on T-Mobile.

He wouldn’t mention most new features but confirmed the OS and likely the Nexus S would use Near Field Communications (NFC) to support features like payment or getting information just by swiping the phone near a receiver.

Google wouldn’t be the first phone maker to support NFC, as the Japanese have had it for years through FeliCa while Nokia has been running trials ahead of a 2011 rollout for its smartphones.

It would nonetheless preempt rumored Apple plans for an iPhone 5 with NFC in mid-2011. Google hasn’t given any definite plans for its uses, but Apple may go beyond what Google could do by incorporating NFC into Macs for preserving login info on other devices as well as integrating it with iTunes.

Courtesy: Electronista.

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