US: Oxygen Audio integrates iPhone in a 1 DIN audio headunit

Oxygen Audio’s O’Car is the only car stereo head unit that fully integrates the iPhone into a car audio entertainment system.

With O’Car, users can enjoy a wide range of music, whether it comes from the iPhone, the built-in RDS tuner (supported by the “Radio” application), or simply internet radio.

O’Car features include:

Users have access to all apps on the iPhone.

O’Car recharges the phone and becomes a hands-free kit for safe calling.

Its built-in Bluetooth model has an external microphone for uncompromised calling quality.

The deck also includes an AM/FM/RDS radio, 4 by 55 watt amp and subwoofer control.

The snap in mount can tilt the iPhone towards the user and switch to landscape and portrait modes.

The extractible docking not only allows users to use iPhone horizontally or vertically, but they can also tilt the iPhone towards the field of vision.

Furthermore, O’Car adapts to the car’s internal design, offering a choice of 6 application colours via the “display color” button.

Note: The price of  O’Car is $299.

Source: Oxygen Audio, CE Outlook.

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