US: Survey reveals in-dash navi owners also use PNDs and Smartphone navi

According to the J.D. Power’s U.S. Navigation Usage and Satisfaction Study, “A considerable proportion of owners of factory-installed navigation systems also use portable navigation devices and smartphone navigation.”

The study finds that 36 percent of owners of factory-installed navigation systems also own a portable navigation device, and 28 percent of those owners prefer receiving directions from the portable navigation device.

Similarly, 24 percent of owners of factory-installed navigation systems use a smartphone as a navigation system alternative, with 28 percent of those owners preferring to receive directions from the smartphone rather than their factory-installed system.

Now in its 12th year, the study identifies seven factors that contribute to overall customer satisfaction of in-dash OE systems.

In order of importance they are ease of use; routing; navigation display screen; system appearance; voice recognition; voice directions; and speed of system. The study index was redesigned in 2010 to include voice recognition attributes.

The Clarion system supplied to the Ford Fusion ranks highest in customer satisfaction (For the full list, click here).

The study also identifies the following navigation system trends:

Forty percent of owners say that locking out certain features of the navigation system while the vehicle is moving is appropriate for safety reasons.

While female owners perceive a higher value for their navigation system than do male owners, they are willing to pay nearly $100 less, on average, for a factory-installed navigation system.

Customers 18-25 years old provide the highest ratings for the value of their navigation system, compared with other age groups, and are also willing to pay the highest prices for their navigation system.

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