US: NAVTEQ adds new features to route planning service – TrafficOne

NAVTEQ has announced the launch of the next generation NAVTEQ TrafficOne, its web-based map, traffic, commuter and trip planning service widely used throughout the North American broadcast industry.

New graphics such as satellite maps and hybrid views, together with new features that allows users to see only the traffic along the routes they care about, make NAVTEQ TrafficOne unique in the commute management services category.

NAVTEQ TrafficOne enables broadcasters to extend their audience reach and advertising revenue opportunity to the Web, while helping their end users finally get the upper hand over their daily commutes.

End users can now opt to view only the traffic that’s most relevant to them—e.g. their usual routes home or to the office—while easily comparing routes that are faster due to lighter traffic conditions, more direct, or shorter in distance.

Bold new graphics including satellite map views and hybrid overlays of roadway views onto satellite maps, provide a window onto the real world road network.

Users can send themselves their own personalized live traffic reports via SMS or email so they know how and when to drive.

Coverage includes 52 North American metropolitan area markets, plus extended coverage to 134 others throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Learn more here.

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