India: PTV collaborates with Sunovatech to promote ITS solutions

PTV and Sunovatech sign cooperation agreement

In October, PTV AG and India-based Sunovatech, a specialist for media design, signed a cooperation agreement. The two companies will be presenting its wide range of solutions and services for the first time at Urban Mobility India (UMI) in New Delhi from December 3 – 5, 2011.

The UMI is the annual flagship event organized by the the Indian Ministry of Urban Development – Government of India and a unique forum for networking and exchange between policy makers, opinion leaders, urban planners, architects and suppliers of various urban transport technologies.

New Delhi-based Sunovatec India creates 3D traffic simulations and will be in charge of the distribution of PTV products in India and its neighbouring countries.

Both partners are confident that their cooperation will enable them to further strengthen their position in the Indian transport sector which is currently dominated by transport solutions made in the US and Great Britain. Moreover, PTV wants to introduce its ITS solutions, such as PTV TrafficCountManagement, to the subcontinent.

With a growth rate of seven per cent, India has become the world’s most rapidly growing power, after China. Despite the fact that India has the world’s second largest road network covering three million kilometres, a truck usually can only make 1,500 kilometres within five days. As a result, a third of the food perishes during the transport from the producer to the stores.

The government has therefore again set up a five-year plan and wants to increase its infrastructure budget to one trillion dollars between 2012 and 2017.

Photo and article courtesy: PTV AG.

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