Japan: OKI develops compact V2X device for active safety

OKI has announced the development of the world’s smallest class of ultra-compact inter-vehicle communications device (Simple and Compact IVC Unit) which enables direct communication between vehicles and between vehicles and pedestrians.

The device integrates components previously deployed externally, such as antennas used for inter-vehicle communications, LEDs/buzzer user interfaces, a GPS (Global Positioning System) module and accelerometer, allowing the device to be reduced to one-eleventh the size of the conventional device.

This miniaturization should allow installation in the upper area of instrumental panels and windshields, contributing significantly to real-world implementation of inter-vehicle communications.

Japan is developing inter-vehicle communication systems to support safe driving and enhance road traffic safety.

In May 2007, OKI announced the Safety Mobile Phone, a system whereby mobile phones that are used by over 80% of the population in Japan, can be utilized to help support pedestrian safety.

Moreover, in January 2009, OKI succeeded in developing a prototype of Safety Mobile Phone Attachment which can be connected and used on Japanese phones.

By using this product, a driver will notify nearby vehicles of his or her location from the embedded GPS and obtain their location through the inter-vehicle communication function.

In addition, the product standalone can alert the users beforehand when the positioning of the person and vehicle may lead to a traffic accident.

This technology will contribute to intercommunication system for pedestrians, roads and vehicles and will contribute to reducing accidents for the vulnerable road users.

Going forward, OKI plans to enhance communications based on the new device and to promote the development for technologies for real-world system installations.

OKI will also pursue the study of other applications to promote ideal driving and provide support for driving based on specific environments.

Source: OKI.

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