ARC Europe takes over ERIC operations; plans pan-EU traffic info

ARC Europe is deploying its capabilities for the benefit of the 40+ individual members of its network of automobile clubs.

By taking over the operations of the ERIC federation (European Road Information Center), ARC Europe will ensure in 2011 a more developed and complete European traffic information service for all 40+ million individual members of the participating ARC Europe automobile clubs: ADAC in Germany, ANWB in the Netherlands, and the AA in the UK are the ARC main shareholder among the ARC Europe network of 40 automotive organisations across Europe.

Each individual automobile club will be provided with the jointly generated traffic information by the participating automobile organisations.

This Europe wide traffic information will be used by each automobile organisation to serve their own individual members, in their home country as well as when they are travelling abroad.

Appropriate communication channels will be used to serve these members, from voice services to mobile applications on iPhones and smart phones covering the different platforms.

With this operation, ARC Europe ensures that the members of the ARC Europe automobile clubs will benefit from the best in class local expertise delivered wherever they travel across the participating countries.

The best local expertise and the fusion of all relevant traffic information sources are the basis of the traffic information provided by ARC Europe, which is also available for our ARC Europe’s B2B partners.

Source: ARC Europe.
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