Italy: Fiat launches iPhone app; plans to add traffic info and bCall features

After an EU-wide customer survey, Fiat has launched an iPhone app, positioned to be a new channel of customer service on the iPhone.

Named as “Fiat Hello Mobile”, this innovative application is offered for free via the “App store” and includes a host of useful features:

Your Profile: It allows users to customize the application with their personal information and car details.

Find your car: After parking, users can store the location of the car and use the app to find the car later on.

Find a dealer: It lets users to search for the nearest Fiat dealership.

Road test: Users can access Fiat Motor Village Center and book a test drive.

Reminders: Personal calendar with different reminders such as insurance due dates etc.

Owner’s Manual: An abridged version of the user manual of the car (for now available for Fiat 500) enriched with some video.

Contact Us: This feature allows user to contact Hello Fiat Customer Service.

News and Promotions“: It helps users stay up-to-date on all new Fiat models. Moreover, users can view current promotions available on various models.

“Hello Fiat Mobile” app is currently available only for users in Italy.

Fiat also has plans to introduce features such as traffic information and break down assistance.

Learn more about the app here.

Source: Fiat.

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