New Audi A6 loaded with ADAS including night vision

In addition to infotainment features, the new A6 is also packed with new ADAS features.

MMI navigation plus in the new Audi A6 is closely networked with the optional assistance and safety systems. Data from the route is utilized in the control units for the headlights, the automatic transmission, and the adaptive cruise control with stop & go function. This enables these systems to recognize complex scenarios and predictively assist the driver.

The Audi pre sense safety system is available in various versions. In many situations, it is able to minimize accidents and their consequences, or even prevent them altogether, by warning the driver and applying the brakes with increasing force to slow the sedan down in an emergency.

At the same time, the system closes the windows and the sunroof, tightens the seat belts, activates the hazard warning lights, and stiffens the dampers of the optional adaptive air suspension.

Audi pre sense front works closely with the adaptive cruise control with stop & go function. The radar-based distance control accelerates the new A6 and decelerates it within certain limits. The system uses the data from two radar sensors, a video camera and the ultrasonic sensors, incorporates navigation data, and analyzes a multitude of additional signals. With its precisely variable function, the range of use of the ACC stop & go extends from rolling in city traffic all the way to top speeds.

The new Audi active lane assist helps the driver keep the A6 on course with ease at speeds of 60 km/h (37.28 mph) and above. A camera detects the lines on the road; if the sedan crosses over one of them, the system guides it back by gently intervening in the steering.

The parking system, also new, takes over steering from the driver when parallel parking or parking perpendicular to the road. It detects suitable spaces and automatically guides the A6 into and back out of parallel parking spaces – in several moves, if necessary. Alternatively, Audi also offers conventional parking assistance with and without a reversing camera.

At speeds of 30 km/h (18.64 mph) and above, Audi side assist observes the area behind the sedan via radar, thereby ensuring it is safe to change lanes. The speed limit display detects important speed restrictions and shows them in the driver information system or on the optional head-up display.

Night vision assistant works with a thermal-imaging camera. It projects its black-and-white images onto the display of the driver information system, highlighting any pedestrians it detects in front of the vehicle. If it anticipates a potential dangerous situation, it highlights the pedestrian in red.

Source: Audi.

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