China: SK Telecom & E-Eye launch ‘Mobile In Vehicle’ telematics service

SK Telecom has announced E-MIV, the world’s first commercial mobile telematics service in China.

Known as MIV in Korea, the services is a true converged mobile service – combining the features of mobile phones and automobiles – allowing customers to use their mobile phones to protect, control and manage their cars.

SK Telecom first developed MIV in 2009. Early this year, the company partnered with Renault Samsung to preview this innovative service for the global market at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

SKT has launched E-MIV through its Chinese subsidiary Shenzhen E-eye High Tech (Shenzhen E-eye).

Key features of the E-MIV service include:

Vehicle safety and security service: Vehicle safety and security service allows automobile location tracking and prevents auto theft with an alarm system.

Vehicle control service: Vehicle control service enable users to use their smartphones to control various components including door, trunk, horn and headlight.

Vehicle management service: Vehicle management service provides users with vehicle operation information and maintenance history.

Moreover, plans are underway to add vehicle diagnosis service – providing car trouble alert, car workshop location information, and component replacement alert – next year to further enhance the convenience of Chinese drivers.

Source: SK Telecom.

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