Japan: Toyota launches ‘Smart G-Book’ telematics smartphone app

Toyota has announced that it will offer a car navigation service for smartphone users in Japan.

The ‘‘Smart G-Book’’ service will require subscribers to load their smartphones with special application software which would allow them to have directions to their destinations set up on their phone display by calling a telephone operator and saying where they want to go.

Smart G-Book features include:

Route Guidance to destination.

Internet Help in the event of accident or sudden illness.

Drive Plan to access programs or files saved at home PC.

G-BOOK Member Menu to access car security settings, such as eco-driving Diagnosis etc.

Price & Availability:

Available for 900 yen ($10.70) for six months, the new service will start with smartphones based on Google Android operating system and will become usable on Apples iPhones later in December.

Source: Toyota.

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