US: Seattle Police using Twitter for stolen vehicle tracking

Seattle police are now using Twitter to alert followers to stolen vehicles.

This year through October, 3,011 cars have been stolen in the City of Seattle. That is an average of 9.9 a day and up from 8.46 cars per day during the same period a year ago.

The Seattle Police Department will begin to tweet stolen car information in the hopes that that victims of auto theft will be able to get their cars back sooner and to let thieves know that their stolen rides just got hotter.

The protocols for tweeting auto theft are simple.  When a car is reported stolen in Seattle, employees in the Seattle Police 911 Center will tweet the color, year, make, model, body style and license plate of the stolen car.

Twitter followers who spot a car that has been tweeted as stolen on “Get your car back” should call 911.

Citizens are directed not to make contact when coming into contact with a previously tweeted stolen car and any potential occupants.

Furthermore, Seattle police will screen all 911 calls to ensure that the car information is correctly matched and to verify that the car has not been returned to its rightful owner.

If the car is still listed as stolen, the information will be broadcast so that officers can respond to the area.

The Twitter site for this new program can be found at

Source: Seattle Police Department.

Image courtesy: The Seattle Times.

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