US: Ford to roll-out rear view camera on nearly all models by end of 2011

Ford will continue its aggressive technology onslaught by completing the roll-out of its innovative Rear View Camera System that will be available on nearly all Ford and Lincoln models by the end of 2011.

Ford’s system uses an exterior camera embedded in the rear of the vehicle that sends images to a video display in the rearview mirror or the navigation system screen to help enhance visibility directly behind the vehicle when the driver is in reverse.

The rearview mirror system allows customers a choice in systems.

Ford’s Rear View Camera System image is overlaid with lines that mark the width of the vehicle and are shown either on a rear-view mirror display or navigation system screen.

The camera’s low light capability, combined with the intensity of the vehicle’s reverse lamps, helps illuminate the image even in dark parking areas.

Ford’s system will be offered on most of its full-size pickups, vans and crossovers – including the new 2011 Ford Explorer – with the added benefit of helping truck owners align and hitch trailers.

Source: Ford.

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