Brazil: SVT legislation postponed to December 2011 (100% fitment)

Excerpts from SBD:

SBD has now confirmed a further delay in the introduction of tracking systems on all new vehicles in Brazil with an official announcement from Contran, the Brazilian National Transit Council.

Rumours abounded in the industry this past month that the timing for the start of fitment would be pushed back from December 2010 to May 2011.

Contran released the above table to illustrate the new deadlines for tracking systems to be fitted to vehicles, with passenger cars requiring 100% fitment by December 2011.

This new announcement was made in Contran Resolution 364 which supersedes the previous schedule in Contran Deliberation 99.

This is the largest national roll-out of telematics services as well as the first time a telematics service has been mandated.

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Article and Image courtesy: SBD.

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