EU: Bosch launches iPhone/iPad navi app with 3D maps and INRIX traffic

Bosch has launched an iPhone & iPad navigation app for €50. Different versions of the app are available based on the countries covered:

* A D-A-CH variant covering Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

* A France variant.

* A UK & IRE variant covering the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

* A BeNeLux variant covering Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

INRIX Real Time Traffic is available as an add-on (in-app purchase) for €3 a month. This is the introductory price for traffic and Bosch will be announcing 6 and 12 month packages soon.

Key features of the app include:

3D artMap: A special map view displays distinctive landmarks in three dimensions – it displays them in a simplified form so that users can recognise them instantly. Unimportant details that are not directly on user’s route fade into the background.

Curve warning assistant: The application recognises approaching bends and uses their curvature to calculate the optimum speed for driving through them. If the user’s speed exceeds this figure, the curve warning assistant emits a visual and acoustic signal.

ECO navigation: It helps users find the route offering the best possible fuel efficiency. ECO Navigation considers additional decisive factors in its route calculation such as the elevation profile or the number of villages and towns users pass through and the intersections along the way – as well as the typical vehicle consumption values and the driver profile. To make this possible, Bosch has calculated the optimum average values on the basis of all the vehicle and driver information available.

Social network accessibility: This feature allows users to keep friends updated. The application also publishes the user’s destination and arrival time on Facebook or Twitter pages. Furthermore, users can optionally add a message too.

Other features include:

Acoustic route guidance / voice instructions, destinations from iPhone contacts, selection of route types: short/fast/ecological/optimal, configurable route options (avoidance of tolls, tunnels, etc.), presentation mode/route simulation, selectable map modes: 2D / 3D / 3D artMap, GPS status display, map scrolling and rotation, road names on the map, speed limits for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, lane assistant, POIs, shortcuts for parking, petrol stations, emergencies, iOS 4 optimised, including multitasking and app-switching.

Learn more here.

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