France: Telmap and Orange add free navigation to GPS phones

Telmap has announced the launch of Orange Maps V2 with Orange France, a mobile location-based service based on Telmap’s Location Companion especially designed to accompanying users throughout their on-the-go experience, going beyond in-car and pedestrian navigation.

Orange Maps navigation will be included on all GPS-enabled devices including iPhone as part of all Origami tariff plans that come with data packages.

It will enable users to search for and access up-to-date information from a variety of content providers and to perform pedestrian and mobile navigation.

Orange Maps navigation includes:

Complete mapping, pedestrian and in-car navigation spoken and graphical instructions.

Coverage of 26 European countries including France, using NAVTEQ Maps.

Telmap’s innovative widgets carousel for easy, intuitive discovery of weather restaurants, pharmacies, ATMs and more.

Several local services including:

1. 118 712 business listings

2. Champérard fine dining guide

3. Vélib bicycle stations in Paris

4. Automatic map updates

Orange Users will also be able to purchase the full Orange Maps option, offering premium functionalities and content such as:

Wikango Mobile Community speed cameras alerts.

Static speed cameras alerts.

Availability and free parking space information of nearby parking in Ile de France.

Gas stations prices in France.

Real-time traffic information integrated into map display and route calculations in France.

Download: The application can be downloaded from Orange World> menu> GPS / routes or directly from the Orange App Shop.

Note: More information can be found at

Source: Telmap.

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