UK: Coyote and INRIX collaborate on traffic information

Coyote traffic information

INRIX has recently announced that it will power real-time traffic information in all Coyote Systems products starting with recent launch of the company’s new Mini Coyote V2 real-time GPS speed camera alert system in the U.K.

Fueled by the world’s largest traffic network and most advanced analytics engine, motorists can rely on INRIX traffic information to help them avoid congestion, reduce journey times and save fuel.

Uniquely, the Coyote mini V2 displays the vehicle’s average speed when driving through SPECS-monitored average speed camera zones, such as those typically found in motorway road works, and it also alerts to school and high-risk zones, plus Congestion Charge entry locations. Mini Coyote V2 works in 28 European countries.

Coyote is based on a participative system which relies on the contribution of individual users for the benefit of all. INRIX creates traffic information out the Real Time GPS data from Coyote users in Real Time and provides it back to the community.

Mini Coyote is always up to date as it maintains a GSM/GPRS communication link with the Coyote servers to exchange real-time traffic information, fixed and mobile speed camera locations as well as alert consumers to frequent danger zones.

The Mini Coyote is a legal product under the U.K. Road Safety Act 2006 as it merely detects the presence of fixed and mobile speed cameras and encourages motorists to slow down. Coyote is the only speed camera alert system to communicate in real time the presence of mobile speed cameras.

It allows users, at the press of a button to inform fellow Coyote users passing in this area for the next 3 hours of the presence of a mobile speed camera.

Source: INRIX.

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