Mercedes enhances night vision system with ‘spotlight’ function

The ability to detect pedestrians on the road and highlight them on the display in the instrument cluster to warn the driver has been a feature of the Active Night View Assist Plus since 2009. Now Mercedes-Benz is presenting the latest development stage of the system as a world premiere in the form of a spotlight function.

When the camera detects pedestrian in its field of vision, these can be briefly spotlighted to alert the driver to the potential danger. The pedestrian also receives a warning in this way.

Features of spotlight function include:

Infrared headlamps:

Two separate lamps in the headlamps illuminate the road surface with invisible infrared light.

Infrared Camera:

It monitors the road ahead of the car, evaluates the image and detects pedestrian within a range of 80 meters. The image is transferred to a display in the instrument cluster.

Multipurpose camera:

It recognizes whether the car is travelling in town or in the country, and registers the position of an oncoming vehicle or one travelling ahead.

Control unit:

It decides whether a detected pedestrian is to be spotlighted or not.

Main headlamp:

It flashes a targeted spotlight at the pedestrian if necessary.

Note: The new spotlight function will be included as a standard feature of the Active Night View Assist Plus in a luxury-class Mercedes model from the summer of 2011.

Source: Daimler.

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