UK: ‘Traffic Radio’ service over DAB to be discontinued

Traffic Radio, which launched on digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio in 2007 and broadcasts live traffic updates 24 hours a day, will stop broadcasting in August next year. Its online service, which launched in 2005, will also come to an end.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency, which is funded by the Department for Transport, told “Given the financial pressures this country faces, it is vital that every pound is spent wisely. We have looked at Traffic Radio closely to make sure that taxpayers money is being spent in a cost-effective way and have decided that the service should not continue once the current contract ends in August 2011.”

Traffic Radio hit the headlines earlier this year after claims the service had cost taxpayers £10.4m, even though only around 500,000 of the country’s 32 million vehicles could receive it via DAB.

The Highways Agency spokesman added: “We will continue to provide information to media partners for onward delivery through DAB, FM, AM and digital channels to ensure we keep drivers on our roads up to date. We hope to review our position in the future as DAB becomes better established.”

Traffic Radio is managed and produced for the Highways Agency by Global Traffic Network (GTN) and is broadcast on 30 local DAB multiplexes, as well as online and via smartphone apps.

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