Germany: NAVIGON announces full software upgrade for PNDs

NAVIGON has announced a software upgrade that will turn the NAVIGON mid-range devices in the 33 series and the NAVIGON 4310max into the NAVIGON 40 Plus. Some of the key features of the upgrade include:

Active Lane Assistant:

A dynamic travelling animation shows drivers which lane they should be in, ensuring that they keep an overview even in hectic city traffic.

One-Click Menu and MyBest POIs:

With the One-Click Menu, users can access three favourite POIs and the menu bar by touching anywhere on the display. Any information that is of no immediate use will be automatically hidden, increasing the size and visibility of the map section and any relevant information.

Pedestrian navigation and Last Mile guidance:

This feature saves the position of a parked car and guides users quickly back to the vehicle.


This feature has been expanded to include Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese and Czech, which means that the feature now informs drivers about streets and junctions in 12 languages.

The upgrade also allows users to update their map material and expand it to include 44 European countries.

Note: The upgrade to the NAVIGON 40 Plus is available via NAVIGON Fresh for €69.95.

For more information, visit:

NAVIGON Software Upgrade for NAVIGON 3300max and 3310 max.

NAVIGON Software Upgrade for NAVIGON 3450max.

Source: NAVIGON.

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