Paris: Renault sponsors ‘Web 10’ event; welcomes ideas for apps & services

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of the Renault group, has recently opened the seventh Web 10 event with conference founder Loïc Lemeur.

The theme of his speech was innovation, a key issue in the automotive industry, and in particular the clean-break strategy embodied by full-electric vehicles.

As a main player in mobility for all, Renault is working with leaders in the digital industry to develop tomorrow’s marketing, product and service solutions.

Every year more than 2,500 web entrepreneurs from 60 countries attend Web 10, which has become an essential event in the sector. Google, Microsoft, Orange, Alcatel Lucent, Facebook and Twitter were all on hand this year.

On display at the show, Renault Twizy, the new full-electric tandem concept with four wheels and a steering wheel, demonstrates the pioneering aspect of Renault’s commitment to environmental and technological mobility that is accessible to all.

Ahead of the launch of its complete range of electric cars, Renault is actively reviewing the communication and service solutions that tie in with this technological and commercial breakthrough.

For example, several months ago the Group launched the Plugquest application used by electric vehicle users to take photos of places they would like to see charging stations installed. This information is being shared with our partners to build the network.

Digital communication platforms are a new tool for developing more automotive services, safety and comfort. They also allow brands to express themselves in a new language and reach a broader audience.

Recent developments include Renault iAd on iPhone and a 3D film produced by Europacorp and shown in cinemas. Both are aimed at boosting the general public’s awareness of electric vehicles as simple, user-friendly technological objects.

Watch Carlos Ghosn’s keynote speech below (skip to minute 14 for the bits on open platforms, apps and connectivity):

Source: Renault.

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