US: Google starts shipping NFC-enabled shop window stickers

Google window sticker with NFC chip

Every day millions of people search on to find local businesses, and Google wants to make it seamless for standout businesses to get discovered online.

To that end, Google has launched a local marketing campaign in Portland, Oregon. Portland is a tech savvy, forward-thinking city with a history of innovation and some of the best coffee houses, microbreweries and parks in the country.

Google will be working directly with some of Portland’s top businesses to educate them about Google Places for business and all its benefits.

In addition, to help these businesses spread the word; Google is also providing owners with special Google Places Business Kits.

These kits are a multi-flavored sampler of marketing materials that can help businesses get even more exposure, get them rated and reviewed online, and get more customers through their door.

Google is already distributing these to some of Portland’s top businesses, but any business in Portland who has claimed their Place page can request a box.

A central part of the kit is the bright red “Recommended on Google” window sticker. This is not any ordinary sticker.

Unlike others, this is an interactive sticker that has Near Field Communications (NFC) technology built right in, allowing people with cutting edge phones like the Nexus S to simply touch their phones to the sticker to find out more information about the business.

Note: Google has recently introduced the latest version of the Android platform with full NFC support.

Watch video below:

Source: Google Blog.

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