Terminal Mode Certification Program details released

A new website for Terminal Mode has just been launched and it provides new details including the Terminal Mode Consortium and also a new certification program.

The goal of the certification process is to ensure that Terminal Mode enabled products (device, head-unit or an application) can work together.

It guarantees the interoperability between certified devices.

The current concept for the Terminal Mode Certification is to have three separate certification programs:

1. Consumer Electronics Certification Program

2. IVI Head Unit Certification Program

3. Application Certification Program

These certification programs are planned to be established in two steps during 2011:

According to the current plan the concept will be approved be the Consortium in Q1 2011.

Consortium provided Certification Test Tool will be available for Members in Q2/2011 via Terminal Mode web pages. The Tool will be free of charge for Charter and Core members.

Concept of the certification

Current working assumption for the Device Certification for Terminal Mode is to have manufacturer performed Pre Qualification phase where products are pre-tested (with the Consortium provided test tool) and prepared for Official Certification Testing in Authorized Test Laboratory.

After the official Certification testing, results and documents are reviewed by the Terminal Mode Consortium.

Working assumption for the Application Certification program is that 3rd party applications follow the same process as device certification described above, however OEM application are allowed to self certify their applications.

Here is the step-by-step process for the certification concept:

Learn more here.

Note: An initial concept of how the consortium would work has also been released. The highest ‘Charter’ membership will cost $60,000 per year.

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