Germany: Public and commerical DAB services to be launched

Germany took an important step towards launching a national DAB+ digital radio network as German broadcasters joined together and signed contracts with the network operator Media Broadcast.

The contract signing will mean national digital radio services will be on-air from the public broadcaster Deutschlandradio and commercial broadcasters:

• Die Neue Welle Rundfunk-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
• Entspannungsradio GmbH i.G.
• ERF Medien e.V.
• Radio 97,1 MHz Hamburg GmbH (ENERGY)

These national services will be launched in 2011 alongside regional DAB+ digital programmes from the public broadcasters and will offer German listeners more choice than before and bring them in line with other European countries who have chosen to go digital.

Germany joins a growing number of European countries who have chosen the DAB family of standards (DAB, DAB+, DMB) as their national digital radio standard including UK, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark,Belgium, Hungary, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. Digital radio is also on test and trial in Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Ireland and Sweden.

Source: World DAB.

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