EU: VW introduces ‘navigation lock’ to prevent navi system theft

Volkswagen (in Netherlands) has recently introduced a “navigation lock” for the RNS 310 and RNS 510 nav systems.

Created specifically for the two systems, the RNS Navilock is a mechanical protection with a lockable cover.

The lockable metal plate covers the entire navigation system, theoretically obscuring the hardware and making it more difficult to steal.

When users are ready to go, they can unlock the plate using a key.

Price and Availability:

The system is initially available in the Golf VI, Golf VI Variant, Passat Limousine / Variant (VI and VII) and the Passat CC.

For Passat owners the lock, including installation and VAT, costs EUR199 ($270) in most European countries. Golf owners will pay as much as EUR219 ($290), including installation and VAT.

Source: Volkswagen.
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