Cinemo joins the ARM Connected Community

Cinemo, developers of performance enhanced embedded multimedia technologies for in-vehicle infotainment, have recently announced that the company has joined the ARM Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services.

As a cross platform and an OS independent solution, Cinemo supports all popular formats bringing the ARM Connected Community platform-specific optimizations, including distributed playback enabling synchronized presentation and interactive control of linear or non-linear multimedia content on multiple clients over a network connection.

Cinemo’s built-in audio and video codecs are uniquely optimized for ARM Cortex-A8 and A9 architectures.

Utilizing ARM NEON instruction set extensively for video acceleration, Cinemo’s technologies fully exploit the multimedia capabilities offered by ARM platforms to deliver all members of the ARM Connected Community powerful, reliable, low power consuming, and feature rich High Definition multimedia playback and streaming.

Source: Cinemo.

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