UK: Ford introduces ‘Econo Check app’ iPhone app

Ford has recently launched a new iPhone app as the latest addition to the company’s Econo Check service to cut fuel costs.

The Ford Econo Check app calculates potential fuel savings for any car – based on make, model, age and annual mileage – and pick up fuel efficient driving tips on any iPhone or iPad.

Ford Econo Check, which went on sale this year, enables Ford vehicles to be fitted with a data logger for seven days to monitor how they are driven. In response to the latest fuel price rise, its price is now £11.99 to help drivers minimise petrol and diesel use.

Once the Econo Check chip is removed and data downloaded, a tailored report advises how modifying gear changes, anticipation, acceleration and braking will improve fuel economy.

Resulting savings are also shown, which can be up to 25 per cent or £474 a year according to a study of 50,000 drivers.

Now all iPhone and iPod users can access Ford Econo Check tips and generalised data for any vehicle make.  Those who are Ford drivers can locate their nearest Ford dealer to book an Econo Check for their personalised report.

Ford’s Econo Check app is available free of charge from iTunes.

The £11.99 Econo Check on eligible Ford vehicles includes £10 refundable against the next scheduled service.

Source: Ford.

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