US: SYNC AppLink available for download; Ford adds iPhone compatibility via USB

Download SYNC AppLink fact sheet here.

The industry-first capability puts Ford out front in the race to integrate smartphone apps into the car. The AppLink download for Fiesta owners has gone live on the SYNC owner website,

Ford is also announcing a new member to the AppLink family: the Apple iPhone.

The popular smartphone makes for a powerful addition, and will be joining Android and BlackBerry smartphones as compatible devices with the software that allows apps to be controlled through the SYNC voice recognition system – a smarter alternative to manually controlling apps while driving.

Easy downloading:

2011 SYNC-equipped Ford Fiesta owners need to log in to their account on to access the free AppLink download in the Update & Customize section.

As with any typical download, the AppLink software can be stored on a USB memory stick, and then inserted and uploaded to the vehicle via the SYNC system’s USB port.

In-car installation takes less than 10 minutes.

The first SYNC-enabled apps to market are Pandora internet radio, Stitcher news radio and OpenBeak for listening to Twitter posts.

Once the AppLink upload is complete, customers can then visit their phones’ respective app store to download the latest SYNC-enabled Pandora, Stitcher or OpenBeak app to their smartphone as they would any other app.

Current availability of SYNC-enabled apps:

Pandora –

Apple iPhone: Coming early 2011

Android: Available now (V1.5.3 or higher)

BlackBerry: Available now (Version 1.1.6 or higher)

Stitcher –

Apple iPhone: Coming early 2011

Android: Coming early 2011

BlackBerry: Late availability

OpenBeak –

BlackBerry: Available now from and soon in Blackberry App World (Version 1.4 or higher)

Additional SYNC-enabled apps and smartphone integrations are coming soon.

AppLink will also be introduced on other SYNC-equipped new model vehicles in 2011.

Source: Ford.

Watch AppLink videos here.

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