Visteon enhances multi-function instrument cluster display platform

Visteon has enhanced its capabilities in developing multi-function displays (MFD) for vehicles by incorporating a newly developed microprocessor in its next-generation MFD platform architecture.

Located on the vehicle’s instrument panel, multi-function displays provide a range of information to drivers, either as stand-alone displays or in combination with radios, navigation devices and external cameras.

By incorporating a new Renesas Electronics microprocessor, Visteon can offer vehicle manufacturers more cost-effective multi-function display products integrating features that previously were external to the microprocessor.

This reduction in components and complexity can decrease design and engineering time and contribute to efficient use of space in the vehicle.

Additional capabilities offered by Visteon’s new multi-function display platform include a decoder for in-vehicle camera applications that accommodates both NTSC and PAL video formats; 2.5 megabytes of additional random-access memory allowing more functions to run faster; and a high-speed serial flash interface designed to accelerate information access and data transfer.

With the new microprocessor, Visteon’s multi-function display platform will support Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) thin-film transistor displays and complies with industry standards including OpenVG.

The Renesas microprocessor is supplied to Visteon by Renesas Electronics America, headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Source: Visteon.

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