EXCLUSIVE: BMW launches ‘Apps’ feature & ‘BMW Connected’ iPhone app

A new ‘BMW Connected’ app has been made available on the iTunes Store. This app is set to be very similar to the MINI Connected app, with features such as internet radio, Twitter and Facebook.

Drivers can connect the iPhone via USB (or the iPhone snap-in adapter) to the car and control the BMW Connected app running on the iPhone via a BMW HMI on the in-car display using in-car controls such as the iDrive.

To enable this feature in the car, BMW is offering an option called ‘Apps’. The iTunes Store states that this feature will be available from March 2011, but the ‘Apps’ option is already listed in the BMW Germany website.

Cost: The BMW Connected iPhone app is free. The Apps option in the car will cost €150, but to get this feature, users will first have to purchase the Professional Navigation System with Bluetooth (€3,800) and special USB interface (€400).

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