NNG (Nav N Go) receives €0.5M from the EU for car navi development

NNG has begun product development amounting to nearly 500 millon HUF (~1.8 million euro) which aims at further expanding the company’s leading role among navigation suppliers for the automotive industry.

The purpose of the development is to integrate multimedia with navigation in one system, to develop integrated solutions for the OpenNav system, and to consolidate knowledge of automotive technology.

The total value of the support offered by the European Union is 149 545 000 HUF (~ 543 500 euro), with the remainder being invested by NNG.

The project boosts the presence of NNG as a supplier in the automotive industry through an integrated, innovative, knowledge-demanding program.

During the project the company will develop and ship software according to various criteria tailored to fit the requirements of built-in navigation devices.

A leading Tier 1 supplier is further supporting the iGO My way software developers with their expertise.

“NNG has already built up a reputation as a leading navigation supplier for the automotive industry.

With this development project, the company aims at further boosting its market position in this field, opening doors for future navigation technologies and making built-in car navigation more accessible for a larger audience,” pointed out Tamás Vahl, CEO of NNG.

Source: iGoMyway.

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