Tesla Model S features NVidia powered 17″ touchscreen console with conn services

NVIDIA has announced that NVIDIA Tegra processors will power the infotainment, navigation and instrument-cluster systems in the Tesla Model S, the first sedan built from the ground up as an electric vehicle.

Built around the driver, the Model S is the premium sedan, evolved. Its infotainment system features a 17-inch touch-screen center console — the largest display ever in a car — providing vivid 3D graphics.

In addition to its unrivaled graphics capability, the Tegra processor provides exceptional energy efficiency, a critically important feature for electric cars.

One processor will be used to power the infotainment and navigation systems, and another for the instrument cluster.

The infotainment and navigation systems feature:

17-inch high resolution display, the largest display ever in a car

Responsive touchscreen with a fully intuitive user interface

Connected navigation with live traffic, points of interest and weather

Touchscreen-based climate-control system

The all-digital instrument cluster features:

Ultra high-resolution, driver-friendly 12.3″ LCD display

Advanced 3D graphics providing data about the vehicle

Note: CES 2011 attendees will be able to view the Model S outside the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Central Plaza, booth # CP7.

Furthermore, BMW of North America and NVIDIA have recently announced a partnership that puts NVIDIA GPUs in navigation and vehicle-information systems across all next-generation BMW cars worldwide.

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Source: NVIDIA.

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